One platform, many applications

We have designed and implemented the Stoorm5 platform to support cross-domain IoT applications. It is characterized by a datamodel specifically designed for the IoT, a real-time multi-protocol communication channel, joint adoption of SQL and NoSQL databases, and state-of-the-art security mechanisms. Stoorm5 is an Industrial Internet of Things platform.

The Stoorm5 platform is based on high-quality standards, allowing to develop enterprise applications with professional languages and frameworks. The adoption of best-practices for authentication, authorization, and isolation guarantees the security of every component.
The business logic of each application can be developed with the preferred language. The platform already provides tested and reliable management and visualization features, greatly reducing the time-to-market and guaranteeing high security standards.
Stoorm5 can be coupled with every tool for in-depth analysis. The datamodel adopted to store the data is designed to easily exploit Big data, Business Intelligence and Process Mining techniques.
Stoorm5 provides a control panel to manage data and remotely control devices. It is possible to add features and customize the control panel exploiting any programming language.
Stoorm5 adopts secure protocols to send data and control devices. Every action on devices is performed only if previously authenticated and authorized.
Stoorm5 can be deployed with high-availability and fault-tolerance guarantees both in the cloud and on premises, eventually also in a single server as standalone application. A lite version can be also deployed on embedded systems.
Data sent to Stoorm5 is managed as information flows in a semantic-agnostic fashion. Our approach makes easier the adoption of complex data structures without any semantic constraint.
It is possible to gather data and send commands to any devices enabling the digitalization of information, either integrating our SDK within the device or exploiting an IoT Gateway to connect it to Stoorm5.
The Stoorm5 platform provides a full-featured alarm management solution allowing to trigger actions in case of anomalies, e.g., sending emails or SMSs, or running external scripts.
Stored data can be accessed and integrated with third-party software and IT systems exploiting REST API, MQTT and AMQP protocols, or exploiting our Java and C SDK.

Control Panel

  • Visualize and export and stored data
  • Configure parameters of connected devices
  • Manage authentication and authorization of devices
  • Create custom triggers and actions
  • Visualize and manage logs and alarms
  • Multi-user and differentiated permissions access
  • Manage Stores and Apps

Pannello di controllo

Stoorm5 Value

Reduce the time-to-market, quickly develop new applications and services based on Stoorm5 features reducing the cost and the effort required to enable new IoT solutions.

Limited development and maintenance/management costs. Stoorm5 has very low operational cost, guaranteeing its easy management.

Product and process innovation. The IoT is the most cost-effective paradigm to add innovation though ICT.

Our goal is to guarantee security, scalability and soundness of every product or solution. Stoorm5 is based on enterprise-grade standards both to send/receive messages and to manage processes.