Project Description

Internet of Things for ICT systems

ICT systems are the backbone of any company aiming at guaranteeing operative continuity. ICT Guard brings the innovation of Internet of Things to better control, supervise, and manage the whole ICT infrastructure.

Data Network

Verify the performance of your IP networks and the state of your equipment to proactively prevent any service interruption.

Information Systems

Enable the continuous monitoring of IT services, pool of physical servers, and private/public cloud platforms.

Security Systems

Integrate the monitoring of available security systems for a joint management of the IT infrastructure.

Access Control Systems

Integrate access and perimeter control solutions, both indoor and outdoor, for both objects and people.

Easy to deploy. Easy to configure. Easy to use.

The first plug&play ICT monitoring system. Our gateways are already configured to monitor dozens of devices, applications, and services.

Every ICT component under control, in a single app.


To adopt ICT Guard just deploy monitoring gateways in your network and enable them from the Web app. Then, simply configure services and devices from the Web app itself, without any in-the-field operation.


The whole ICT infrastructure can be managed from a central control panel. It is possible to change the configuration of monitoring gateways, monitor the status of a device, and schedule automatic actions triggered by unexpected events. Moreover, the ICT Guard open API allows to integrate it with other company systems.