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Edge Sdn

Edge Software Defined Network

Cyber Security Platform for IOT and OT industrial. Software Defined LAN to secure and protect devices, machines, assets, and services Network

Edge SDN is a Cyber Security Platform that secures the assets and the OT telecommunications network according to ISO/IEC 62443 and NIST 800-82. Edge SDN is composed of SDN Nodes, to be installed in selected points of the network; a Central Management Console, for the IT department to manage security profiles; and a Tablet, in the hands of the OT department, that allows them to implement security policies independently.

Intrusion Detection System with data analysis in every point of the network

Isolate the machines and micro-segment the data traffic of the OT network

IT department oversees the threats and security level of the OT network

Self-learning Artificial Intelligence System for threat assessment

SDN Edge Platform integration without modifying the existing network

SDN Edge Platform integration without modifying the existing network

How it works

Internal protection

IoT and OT networks must be protected from the inside and not only in single network points such as Firewall or IDS at the border. Industrial networks are borderless.

Network Micro-segmentation

Prevent unplanned traffic avoiding malicious activities; allow communication only between well-known and authorized recipients, preventing any illegal or misused communication.

Unplug your assets

Isolate hosts, devices, machines, and services from the network. Allowed applications can exchange traffic while threats and malwares are segregated and ineffective.

Full control of the IT department


The IT department creates network operation profiles with the desired security levels and supervises operation and detected alarms.

Operationally independent  OT department

The OT department manages the operation of network security in complete autonomy with a simple click on the tablet for each operating condition.

Detect dangers before they become problems

The IDS present in each network node evaluates each detected threat using an AI self-learning algorithm in order to report only concrete dangers.

Solutions per OEM

The Edge SDN platform secures individual machines according to the international standard on Cyber Security ISO/IEC 62443 and NIST 802-82. Manufacturers can create customized operating profiles for each condition of use of the machine, ensuring their customers operate with a predefined level of security.

Stand out from the competition by creating an offer in which IT security is integrated.

Make your machines compliant with the international standard ISO/IEC 62443 and NIST 802-82.

Fewer assistance interventions thanks to protection from possible vulnerabilities.

During maintenance, threats on the maintainer’s PC cannot spread throughout the company.

Rectify vulnerabilities in machines before update patches are released.

Access to high value markets, where safety and reliability are essential.


Solutions for for OT and IT dipartments

The cybersecurity of a company involves both the IT and OT departments. The IT department is responsible for IT security, while the OT department is responsible for business continuity. The Edge SDN platform allows the separation of roles giving the IT department the tools to support and control the OT department that can work in full autonomy.


Increases the level of OT security in accordance with IEC 62443 and NIST 800-82.

Fewer IT support visits to the OT and IOT networks.

The OT department independently manages daily problems with predefined security levels.

Protection of resources from zero-day vulnerabilities by segmenting and isolating them.

Ensure that the OT department complies with IT security rules.

High-value network data and OT operating procedures.

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