Industry Manager - Stoorm5
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Industry Manager

Industrial Internet of Things

Industry Manager is the IoT application of the Industry 4.0, allowing to replace forecasts and projections with actual data. In this manner it is possible to greatly improve the knowledge of the productive system and improve the budget planning.


Industry Manager can be extended with custom modules and can be integrated with ICT Guard and Cloud Energy for a unified factory management solution. Only one dashboard to monitor the shop floor and cost centers.

Industrial Internet of Things



Smart factory


Integrating the whole value chain into a single solution is a long and complex process. Industry Manager makes it easier adopting a step-by-step process, focusing on people and the value innovation can carry. An operative revolution, leading to the optimization of processes and provisions, the reduction of costs due to resource creation and consumption, the evolution of manufacturing and management processes.

  • Remote management of machines
  • Control of production plants
  • Collection of production data and machinery workloads
  • Efficiency of production batches
  • Proactive and predictive maintenance
  • Real-time data analysis to plan and control costs and investments

Data collection

Industry Manager can handle highly heterogeneous data and communicate with any device, spanning from simple sensors to complex industrial machineries, through a bi-directional real-time communication protocol.


The configuration of customizable control modules allows to create management sub-systems to control any department.


Users get the capability of controlling every element impacting on efficiency and productivity, improving business and production processes.

Economic benefits

The adoption ICT modules to create an Industry 4.0 solution allows to develop it in a step-by-step fashion, without any huge upfront investment or potential lock-in. The return on investment can be quickly quantified, pushing for developing further steps.


Developing a new software or service usually involves a thorough analysis phase, strategic choiches, and finally several months of software development, eventually requiring to modify the initial plan with huge cost and time increases. The IoT Stoorm5 platform already provides most important features to develop a remote monitor and control system. Thus, it is possible to test the solution in the field from the very beginning, then choose how to evolve the solution on the basis of collected results.