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Product Development

Product Development

We design and develop products for our customers to offer in their catalogues. The IoT is the ideal technology to develop new products as well as to innovate already available ones. Our products are valuable examples to demonstrate how IoT applied to products can improve competitively and innovation, to increase profits and market share.

Software and Services

Stoorm5 not only provides off-the-shelf products, but also develop custom software and systems based on requirements of customers. Industrial systems, Web services, applications for smartphones and tablets both native and Web-based. We design software with state-of-the-art techniques and programming languages, developing open solutions ready to be integrated with legacy third-party systems.


To face an increasingly open and competitive market it is required to have strong technology skills. Stoorm5 offers consultancy on complex ICT systems to support SMEs and big companies to get full advantage of new technologies. We support our customers in every phase of the project, from analysis and proof of concept to industrialization and large scale deployment.

Training and educational activities

We offer training and educational services on most of ICT technologies. The Stoorm5 company is characterized by strong technology know-how. In particular, we have strong expertise on Web technologies, communication protocols, wired and wireless data networks, data gathering and analysis systems, and mobile technologies.